The People in your Life!

You now look at the people in your life as capable able and willing. You see that the people around you are strong, capable of change, able to grow and making good decisions. You recognise their strengths and see their power. You see the worth and value in their actions and choices. You see them as capable, willing and strong. The people around you are able to let go, able to set boundaries, able to speak and hear the truth. They are capable, strong and powerful. You see their bodies are healthy and well. They are not week or needy or insecure. They feel totally secure within themselves and you expect and see the best within them. You see that people are able to deal with negative emotions, circumstances and situations. You see that they have a sharp and focused mind. You see that they focus their intentions positively and are willing to change, adapt and bend. The people around you are smiling happy and sure of themselves. They stand firm in their convictions and feel totally relaxed within themselves. There energy is good. You recognise how nice their energy is and what a pleasure it is to be around them. You see the people around you express themselves freely. They are spontaneous and willing to move forward, willing to change, grow and adapt. The people around you are strong and you feel comfortable in this power. You feel comfortable with the people around you standing in their truth as you accept yourself within yours. Energy flows freely. All expectations are released and everything is fluid. Their is great power in your voice, in your body and in your heart. You feel passion, strength and the ability to be yourself. You completely accept others as they are and allow them to step into their power. You do not feel intimidated by the success, power and strength of others. You are able to accept when people are right. 

You respect their choices and allow them to stand up for themselves asserting their own power and freedom. They feel comfortable and willing to do this as they open their ears listenb and become worthy to receive. This is a time of truth and you stand within your truth, within your power and you express yourself freely and openly. You do not allow yourself to be surpressed and you allow others to express themselves and find their own path within your life. You accept the decisions and choices as well as the ‘mistakes’ that others make. 

You allow yourself to make mistakes and you learn to laugh at yourself when you do so. You look around you and see that all is well, everything is as it should be and that people are confident, willing, able and moving forwards in their own way. The people around you are powerful wise and intuitive. You recognise this! xxx


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