How to deal with Uncertainty!

What is uncertainty? You do not know what the next second, minute or hour will bring. You do not know what the next day, week, month or year will bring. As you rest your mind upon this thought, consider this… In the uncertainty of not knowing, what do you feel certain about. Is it the uncertainty that causes the suffering or the certainty?

As to not know what will come, is to remain open to ALL possibilities. Through experience we form our beliefs. Often we look at our life situations, analyse it looking at all visible factors, and depending upon our past experiences leading to this moment, plus our emotional state at time of analyses, we may come to a conclusion about ‘what happens next’. If you have had bad experiences earlier or feeling insecure in this area of your life, then you may draw up a negative conclusion and begin to feel certain of this negative outcome! 

This is not good! Your mind may continue to try and work out the puzzle, searching for an answer to the uncertainty. If you become set on the negative and continue to affirm and believe in this possibility, you are feeding this possible creation. 

If you find yourself in this state of uncertainty. Follow these steps!

1. Completely STOP all thoughts, emotions and actions that arise from any negative thought process.

2. Delete every ‘negative’ experience that led to this moment.

3. Imagine that there is no past and no determined future.

4. Imagine that you know nothing at all.

This should help return you to your innocence.

Your savior within uncertain situations actually lies in that which is not yet revealed or determined.

5. Look at what you are certain about. Connect with this feeling of certainty. Feel it. Know what it feels like to be certain. 

Anything could happen from this moment forth. Do not ever place this feeling of certainty on thought of doom and gloom ‘that have not happened yet!!!’ – if stuff is already happening that you do not like – STOP – Go to Step one – If your willing to accept where you are and apply yourself positively, you WILL turn things around!

6. Now imagine if you could choose the next moments, what would you like to happen? Have a think about this and get a clear picture in your mind of what you DO want to experience.

7. Now apply the same certainty that you felt previously to this positive outcome! Feed this imagined outcome in the same way you would feed a possible negative outcome. 

8. Get certain about all the possible positive outcomes – feel it and believe it! 

9. Deal with what IS happening now responsibly with maturity. xx