Overcomin Laziness

Draw into your mind all the things that need to be done. See yourself writing these things down and then taking action to move through these tasks. See yourself as confident and able to do these things. Imagine looking at the list of things that need to be done and feeling like you can do these things, that you can do these things and you will do these things. You now imagine in your mind that you are doing these things. It feels good to get them done. You like the feeling this generates in your body and mind. You feel like you are creating space in your life for new things to come. You take action without delay. You imagine yourself feeling good as you go through the things on your list. It feels good to have these things done and each thing that you do makes you feel more confident, more able, more powerful. Your energy is building and you like the feeling of having acheived these things. You see that your body is full of energy and motivation and you visualise yourself feeling this motivation and applying it to your life in a responsible manner. You go through your day feeling this motivation and consistently applying it so that there is always space in your life to receive. You see that it is easy to get things done and you feel much better once things are done. You see yourself taking opportunities of time that is presented to you. You don’t waste time, but you use it effectively. Your mind is focused upon what you can do and not what you can’t do. Your mind is open to the possibilities and opportunities. You see yourself acting in an inspired and motivated manner. There is a yellow light flowing into your stomach and seeping into your digestive system. Here all blocks are removed from your power centre and your feel stronger and have more energy. You begin to feel inspired about what you can achieve and begin to take action without delay. You imagine yourself taking action without delay. You are not a lazy person, you are an active person. You are a go getter and you love getting things done. You see yourself like this. You project your mind into the days ahead and you visualise yourself as this active go getter. You imagine how it feels to be this kind of person. You see yourself doing all the things that need to be done and feeling good whilst you are doing them.


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