Visualisation for Trust

I now see myself as a trusting person. I see myself acting and behaving in a way that reflects the trust I feel in my body. I generate and build the energy of trust by behaving in a responsible manner and making consistent wise choices that encourage people to trust me. I recognise that I do make good wise choices and I see myself in my mind behaving in a responsible manner. I always take responsibility for my emotions and deal with them in a responsible manner without inflicting them on other people. I am seen as trustworthy by the people around me because I am honest and open. I trust myself to make good decisions and I am continually placing my trust in those around me encouraging them to act and behave responsibly by expecting them to do so. I see myself believing in the people around me, recognising that their energies are a reflection of my own. I see this energy of trust building in my life. I see the people around me having more trust in me. I see the people in my life trusting me enough to open up and share their hearts with me. I see them trusting in my ability to succeed and do things for them. I see them trusting that I can help and assist them. I see this energy continuing to build and it brings strength and power to my life, moving it forwards. I trust my body. I trust my body to behave in a healthy manner and I encourage my body to trust me by treating it with respect and with care. I love and appreciate my body and take positive action to maintain and attract health. I see myself making very wise choices with my body, eating healthy foods, taking regular exercise and ensuring I receive enough rest. I create trust through discipline and right action. I see myself being disciplined in all areas of my life. I see myself being disciplined in love and behaving responsibly no matter how much my heart pulls. I remain rooted in trust through my ability to behave in a disciplined matter. I am disciplined with the thoughts that I choose to think and therefore I now place trust in myself and my future because I know that I have the power and application to place my thoughts in a positive direction. I see this energy of trust creating very firm foundations beneath me. Everyday I am becoming more trustworthy. I see myself as a trustworthy person. I imagine now as I go about my day how a trustworthy person would act and behave. I put myself in this light and imagine myself having the courage and the strength to do what is right. I see that people begin to have more trust in me as I always do what is right. I look to my priorities and I am able to let go of reaching for fulfillment in ways that do not serve me and those around me and instead I am applying myself in a way that does serve me and those around me. I am always making wise choices and every day the foundations that support my life are becoming stronger.


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