Healthy Teeth

Teeth – I now only choose actions that serve me. I stop seeking fulfillment through destructive means and apply myself correctly to create results. I make my decisions based upon reaching and maintaining a healthy fulfilled life. I trust the choices I make and every time I make a good choice I feel more confident about my ability to make good choices. I do not resist my own good. I allow myself to make good choices whatever other people think, feel, say and do. I choose to stand by what I believe is right for me. I see myself as beautiful. I see myself as honest. I have beautiful teeth. I love my teeth. I am not here to prove anything to anyone. I am here to act from my truth and to believe in myself. I believe in my own worth and value and I deserve to have a full set of healthy beautiful teeth. I am taking actions every day that lead me towards greater health and security. I feel secure within the decisions and choices that I make because I trust myself to take right action and make good choices. Regardless of what difficulties are happening around me, I always feel secure enough to make the right choices. I always choose to feel secure as opposed to chasing things that do not serve me. I always choose to act from a space of security and knowledge that all is well. I feel secure enough to accept love and to let love in. I feel safe. I feel secure. I feel secure enough within myself to let things flow. I feel secure enough within myself to let things go. I feel secure enough within myself to take positive action that serves me and those around me. I feel secure enough within myself to accept help and listen to other people’s opinion’s, ideas and beliefs. I see myself as strong enough to follow through on the decisions and choices I have already made. I see myself as strong enough to take the necessary actions to fulfill my dreams and goals. I see myself standing strong within this space of security and making all my choices from this space. I see that I am good enough, wise enough and strong enough to move myself forward. Because I make good choices I am able to look at the past with joy as I recognise all the good choices I have made. I am wise and I see myself as wise and because I am this wise person I am always making wise healthy choices that fuel my life and move me forwards. I see myself as confident. I am confident. I am confident enough to receive the help and support that other people offer. I am confident enough to believe in my own value and worth. I am confident enough to say no when I need to and yet I am confident enough to be open and to receive. I see myself consistently making wise choices that carry me forwards. I am healthy in my attitude towards life and my approach towards self healing. I am good at making decisions. I trust myself to make good decisions. I see that I have made good choices and this encourages me to believe in myself to continue making good choices. I am always making good choices that fuel my life. Where there is conflict on my mind. I choose one way with the knowledge that it will support me and enable me to give more and do more in the future.


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