Self Worth and Value…

Running alongside the production of happiness I will also be focusing upon self worth and value using the same technique. Every day writing a short mantra to read and affirm every hour. 

Let us start with this…

“I am worthy of good. I deserve to be happy and to feel good. I am worthy of love and kindness. I deserve to have nice things. I deserve to be healthy and experience well-being. I am worthy of life.”


Wednesday’s Happy Mantra x

“Today I am going to be happy. I am going to set my intentions upon turning the corners of my mouth up! I like this feeling. I choose to smile! I am a happy person. I am happy. I am smiling. I am happy.” 

Please read me every hour. Go with whatever feelings arise and flow through them. Feelings are not something that can be forced but rather inspired. As you repeat this mantra, your feelings will flow to either produce happiness or to release sadness or resistance. Just go into whatever comes and flow through it. There will be a new mantra tomorrow. The hourly repetition and daily focus will begin to attract and maintain a consistent flow of happiness into your life at very little effort. x


Over the next few months I will be focusing on being happy. This is not only to encourage happy thoughts and feelings in my readers, but also to promote my Happiness CD which is currently under production. At the moment the taster CD’s are available for £5….

So lets get happy!!!