Self Worth – Day 4

I asked a friend today what self worth was to them and they said that to feel worthy is to be treated well by those around them, so here’s today’s affirmation…

“I am worthy of love and support from those around me. I deserve to be treated with respect love and care. I notice how I treat others and I make a genuine effort to give only love and affection. I am kind towards myself and others. I deserve to be treated well. “


Happiness Day 4

So today I asked my little boy – what makes you happy – Getting a new toy! Having things to interact with and to learn from brings joy to the soul, so here’s today’s affirmation.

“I allow myself to have things that stimulate my senses and encourage learning and growth. This makes me happy. I like expanding my knowledge. I like to take pleasure by interacting with life. I like to stimulate my senses. This makes me happy.  I am happy taking part in new projects and fun hobbies.”

Self Worth – Day 3

“I am worthy of respect. I deserve to be loved and to feel respected. I am worthy of positive and fulfilling life experiences. I demonstrate my value and worth through kind and respectable actions. I deserve to be respected.”

Repeat as often as possible throughout the course of a day to encourage thoughts of self worth and value. 

Happiness – Day 3

“I am now focusing upon feeling happy. I allow the feeling of happiness to fill every cell in my body. I decide to be happy without reason. I can choose to be happy. I can feel my whole body filling with warmth and sunshine. I like to be here, living my life. I am happy.”

Repeat this affirmation as often as possible during the course of a day to secure the mind in a state of happiness :o) – Keep smiling! 

Self Worth – Day 2

“My self worth is increasing every day. I am noticing my worth and value. Every day I am becoming more attractive to the things I want in my life. I am worthy of good fortune and pleasurable experiences.”

Affirm this phrase at least four times throughout the course of the day to guide your thoughts lovingly in the direction of experiencing more self worth and value.

You are worth it! x