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Confidence and Optimism.

I am looking at my life and I am seeing everything. I am seeing all angles, all perspectives and all solutions. I can see that it is possible to resolve everything. I can see solutions.

I have physical ability. I am physically able to assert myself within my own circumstances. I can see that the things I fear have no power over me. I assert myself within dark spaces using the power of optimism and light. I can see that all things are possible.

I am looking at all the things I like about my life and myself. There are many many things to appreciate. I can imagine and visualise a way forwards.The future is full of brightness. I imagine my future being full of brightness. I can see my ability and I use it without delay. I am aware of my potential and I can see the good things that are coming into my life right now. I can see the positive aspects and I welcome those opportunities without delay. 

I am able to receive. I am confident enough within myself to welcome peace, well being and success. I allow everything to work out. I choose for things to work out. I appreciate the success that comes my way! I can feel success coming my way. I allow good things to wash over me. I enjoy my life experience. I enjoy experiencing good things in my world. I like my life. I appreciate my life. I am good at what I do. I am confident in my abilities. 

Optimism is a good feeling. I imagine that only pleasurable eperiences are coming my way. I choose to feel optimistic about everything in my life. x

Responding with appreciation

Draw somebody into your mind who has let you down, angered, hurt you or is frustrating you in someway. Now imagine focusing your mind on all the good qualities of this person. Imagine seeing them at their best, in their best light. Visualise all the things you like about this person. Now see yourself and imagine yourself as safe. It is safe to give your appreciation of this person. It is safe for you to feel and project appreciation. You imagine filling all the dark spaces with light. You imagine filling all you disappointment, anger and frustration with forgiveness. You feel kind. You feel caring. You love and respect this person. You allow this person their mistakes. You choose to feel good with this person. 

You focus on all the things they are doing right by you. You focus on all the times they have given to you, you focus on all the things they HAVE done for you. You can appreciate this person. It is possible. You are filling the darkness with light and with love. You now think of loving this person and feeling love for them. You can feel love. You can connect with this feeling of love. This person, whatever their errors deserves to be loved and to feel appreciated. You see this person feeling appreciated by you. You see them receiving good things through you. You see your light washing into their darkness and opening them up. You imagine this light pouring into them, through your energy, by your words and actions. You love and care for this person. This is clear. This person can see that you love and care for them. It is apparent that you care. It is apparent that you love them. It is apparent that you appreciate them. Your appreciation flows through all their resistance, anger, pain… etc. Your light is much more powerful than your darkness. You focus your mind upon this intention. YOur light is stronger than their darkness. Your light is stronger than your own darkness. Your light is stronger than your own darkness. You are light. You are filled with light. 

You feel deep care and appreciation for this person. You feel kindness, acceptance and grace. You can accept their actions and behavior in a state of grace and focus upon responding with intelligence and understanding. You do understand this person and it is clear to them that you do understand. Understanding is apparent. This understanding fills your bond with light. You appreciate and understand this person.  You now imagine receiving through this person what you have given out. You receive appreciation. You receive love, you receive care, you receive understanding.