Receiving help and giving support

We all project onto another what we need to receive for our self. Is there someone in your world that wont receive help, that can’t or does not know how to receive help? Are you able to support them or are you feeling like they should support you!

If you’re seeing it in another person it is there in you. If you desperately want someone to address something, then it is you that needs to look within at what you must address yourself. As you change yourself and accept responsibility for your energetic creations, your ‘mirrors’ begin to reflect this change and you will attract different reactions from those around you. 

One of the ways I produce healing results is to use projection this idea of projection as a conscious tool. When we create love and admiration for another we feel that love and admiration in ourselves. When we create anger and hatred towards another we actually create that feeling within ourselves. 

Our perception of others often determines how we interact with them, which in turn often can determine their reactions to us.  However our perception is much more powerful than that, it actually creates our reality. 

Today’s projection is on ‘receiving help and support’. We are going to choose someone whom we can project this onto and thus receive this experience for our self. Try and connect with the words attaching feeling and a vision to what you read.

What will actually occur is that in ‘your reality’ they become someone who receives help. You will begin to notice where they do already receive help and you may see them opening up to receive more…. Try it and see what happens. I will at some point be adding audio to the site, but until then I suggest recording what is written and then listening back to it. I suggest focusing on it four to five times over the course of a week or two, to produce a solid result. The more you connect with the vision the more power it holds over your reality.

Ready? Here goes!…

I now bring the chosen person into my mind. I relax and allow the image of this person to present itself in my mind. I can see them clearly. I can see that they are open and receptive. I imagine this feeling of seeing them in this light. They are receptive. They are open. I can see them healing there own perception and recognising their need for guidance and care from another. I can see them letting their guard down, allowing their barriers to fall. I see them being willing to share their problems and opening up to truth.

I respect this person and imagine myself being very patient as I allow them to unfold in their own way, in their own time. I see their vulnerability and sensitivity and I allow it. I feel compassion and deep care for this person. I can see that they need help and support. I allow them to receive whatever it is they need from me at this time. I am willing to help. I am willing to be supportive. I care. I understand. I am kind. I love and approve of this person’s vulnerability and I see them accepting help and nurturing their needs. I recognise my own ability to nurture them and to assist them. I see that I am able to support them and give to them. I am humble and deal with this person in grace.

I am kind genuine and loving. They are open and receptive. I see them as receptive. They are willing to receive help and support. I can see them opening their mind to new and inspiring solutions. I can see them being able to see the bigger picture. I can see them being willing to listen and to take responsibility for their own creations. I can see this person letting go and allowing both their thoughts and their feelings to flow. I can see them growing in maturity as they respect their current capabilities and limitations. I see them allowing themselves to receive whatever it is they need in order to move forwards. I see them as the kind of person who is willing to listen and see things from another’s perspective. I see them as able. I see them as willing. They are able. They are willing.

I am kind. I am able to provide for this person what they genuinely need. I am able to give. i am able to support. I am wise. I see  myself being wise around this person. I see myself letting go and allowing feelings to flow. I listen. I am willing to listen. I care, I am willing to act on this feeling of care. I love and approve of myself. I love and approve of them. I see them as capable and able. I appreciate what I receive through them. I appreciate what they are able and willing to give at this time. I focus on this feeling of appreciation. I appreciate them in whatsoever way I can. 


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