You are going to see and visualise yourself cooperating in all areas of your life to produce mutual benefits with those whom you share your time, space and energy. You notice the benefit in this cooperation and see that it is necessary to work with people as oppose to fight against them. You imagine letting go of any selfish intentions and goals and focusing upon what you gain by working together in a couple or as a group. You release all expectations and demands and focus upon understanding and recognising the needs of others. You are willing to work with people and share your time, space and energy. You recognise the importance of cooperation and understanding within your life situations and you now make a clear and firm intention to cooperate. You are going to cooperate. You will cooperate. You are cooperating. You now imagine and visualise yourself in this state of cooperation. What does it feel like to be cooperative. You are releasing all stubbornness and resistance and you are allowing yourself to flow through situations in a state of grace. You have a clear intention upon reaching your goal and you are letting go of ‘how’ you want to get there. You are willing to bend for the benefit of others. You are willing to listen to what other people need from you in order to reap success within circumstances. You are also willing to stand up for yourself, share your ideas and your own wisdom and how you believe things should be done. You are willing to experience the cooperation of other people. You now choose someone within your mind with whom you would like to experience this idea of cooperation. You focus upon them listening. You imagine them listening. You imagine them understanding. You can see them bending and allowing. u see them being willing to cooperate with you. You see them as cooperative. They are cooperative. They are willing to flow with you your way. They are willing to work with you in order to reach fulfillment. You can see them as flexible enough within their attitude to move in different directions and to do things differently. You see that they are an incredibly cooperative person. It feels good to have people cooperate with you. It feels good to work together as a team, understanding and recognising each others needs. It feels good to fulfill each others desires and to be working together, pleasing and satisfying each other. You imagine this feeling of being connected with each other and flowing with one another. It feels good.



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