Confidence and Optimism.

I am looking at my life and I am seeing everything. I am seeing all angles, all perspectives and all solutions. I can see that it is possible to resolve everything. I can see solutions.

I have physical ability. I am physically able to assert myself within my own circumstances. I can see that the things I fear have no power over me. I assert myself within dark spaces using the power of optimism and light. I can see that all things are possible.

I am looking at all the things I like about my life and myself. There are many many things to appreciate. I can imagine and visualise a way forwards.The future is full of brightness. I imagine my future being full of brightness. I can see my ability and I use it without delay. I am aware of my potential and I can see the good things that are coming into my life right now. I can see the positive aspects and I welcome those opportunities without delay. 

I am able to receive. I am confident enough within myself to welcome peace, well being and success. I allow everything to work out. I choose for things to work out. I appreciate the success that comes my way! I can feel success coming my way. I allow good things to wash over me. I enjoy my life experience. I enjoy experiencing good things in my world. I like my life. I appreciate my life. I am good at what I do. I am confident in my abilities. 

Optimism is a good feeling. I imagine that only pleasurable eperiences are coming my way. I choose to feel optimistic about everything in my life. x


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