Maintaining Balance Within

I bring my awareness to my breath. I slow down. I choose to be safe above all else. I know that my safety is more important than anything else. I choose balance and peace over grasping or reaching to fulfill my desires.

There is nothing more important then my well being.

I allow everything to be as it is. I have the courage and discipline to let go of the actions and choices that do not serve me. I am going within and I am maintaining my focus upon my breath. I let everything else go.

My breath is simple. It is easy to watch and I can remain focused upon it. I am calm. I am still. I am wise.

I am fortunate to be here. Whatever my life conditions – It is enough! I repeat. This is enough.

I recognise my beauty and I accept and fully embrace who I am in this moment. I am enough. I am patient with myself and I allow myself to unfold in my own time at my own pace, not allowing myself to feel discouraged by anyone elses expectations of who they think I should be.

I am unfolding. I am growing. I am perfect just the way I am.

I look to all the relationships in my life and I make a firm and honest decision to feel peace. I keep affirming this choice to feel peace and as I continue to affirm it, this feeling of peace expands in my life.

I am making a commitment to peace. My focus is upon experiencing harmony.

I release my desires and I make it my sole intention to feel content, to remain in balance and to watch my breath.

These decisions bring me to everything I desire, because I recognise that all I desire is already here.

I release attachments to what was, what is and what will be. I am free!



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