Why Visualise?

Visualisation is a tool that you can use to create more fulfilling life experiences and achieve desired goals.

Each and every one of us already uses this tool in our every day life, conjuring up images, fantasies, nightmares and all kinds of illusions in our minds. When we attach strong emotion to these visions we allow them power over our state of being. Our state of being determines how we interact with our world. How we interact with our world determines our life experiences – good or bad.

Practicing visualisation is a way of training this part of yourself to work in a more productive fashion that responds to your will as opposed to spontaneous emotional reactivity.

Visualisation is a mental rehearsal. You are preparing yourself for a situation before placing yourself in it. During this preparation you will notice any emotional resistance or reactivity you have towards the situation in advance. These are emotional blocks to success, which can be faced and dealt with using further visualisation.

No life experience is ever complete, therefor it does not matter where you are on your life journey, this tool can be used at any level of awareness to acheive literally anything you want!


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